About Smart Revision

Smart Revision is a platform offering smart, quick and reliable means to revise and get ready for those attempting to sit for ECZ final examinations in grades 7, 9 and 12. The portal provides digitised past examination papers with revision tips and possible suggested answers.

Smart Revision is currently web-based and can be accessed through any mobile network by members of the public wishing to subscribe and access the content. This product is part of the digital transformation being championed by Zamtel.

Access to the platform is zero-rated using the Zamtel network and subscription to access the content for anyone with a Zamtel SIM card can easily be made via ZamPay or talk time by clicking on the “Subscribe” tab.

Members of the public with a different SIM card other than that of Zamtel and wishing to access Smart Revision content can subscribe through other payment options, especially through Visa. Take note that your mobile network carrier may charge other access fees.